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Latest version pellet boiler FL

New model electric boiler Ferroli




KliVenTo perform heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and gas installations in the volume of the complete engineering - consulting, research, design, delivery (direct import), installation, operation, commissioning, warranty and service.

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      1. How can I be sure that my chosen product is suitable for my heating and / or     cooling system?

If you have any doubts about the correctness of your choice, please do not hesitate to contact us at 02/86 86 099 or 02/86 86 199 to get a free consultation before you make your order.

      2. Are you direct importer?

      Yes. KliVenTo is a direct importer of all products offered in our store.

      3. Can I buy goods in a office of KliVenTo?

KliVenTo  is a existing  store (office) and we keep in stock all products labeled "Available". In case that  you wish to view a chosen product, please contact us in advance to let you know where you can see the product.

4. How to use a 20% discount via the Residential Energy Efficiency Credit (REECL) ?

You have to place an order, and in the "Special Instructions" you have to indicate that you want to use a 20% discount via the Residential Energy Efficiency Credit (REECL). We will issue an offer in form approved by the program. You have to apply with our offer to the Bank, and to be approved to get a loan. We can finalize the purchase, once you get the funding.

      5. What is the warranty of the products?

Yes. Each product comes with a warranty card.  The Guarantees that KliVenTo LK Ltd  cover are in full compliance with the manufacturer's warranty of the product. The price for the purchase of goods do not include any services related to installation, supervision of installation and commissioning, tuning, performance and warranty service. Prices for these services are negotiated additionally.    

     6. What determines the price for delivery?

Delivery cost depends on the weight and volume of the goods, the amount of the order and the delivery address. For purchases of over 3000 BGN excluding VAT, delivery is free of charge  to your address in Bulgaria!

     7. Is it possible to do not pay for delivery?

     Yes, if you take the product from our company.

8. Are the prices with included VAT?      

Yes, all prices include VAT.

9. Will I get an invoice?

Each order comes with a tax invoice.

10. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if you inform us and order has not been shipped.

11. Why to buy from KliVenTo?

Because KliVenTo is founded  in 1997. KliVenTo has a long term relationship with leading European manufacturers.

New Products

Price excl. tax: 273.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 327.60 лв.
Pellet boiler SFL 4

Pellet boiler SFL 4

Price excl. tax: 3,230.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 3,876.00 лв.
AQUA-1 Plus 260 LT

AQUA-1 Plus 260 LT

Price excl. tax: 3,590.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 4,308.00 лв.


Aluminium radiators Proteo 450

Aluminium radiators Proteo 450

Price excl. tax: 11.50 лв.
Price inc. tax: 13.80 лв.
Heating element

Heating element

Price excl. tax: 77.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 92.40 лв.
Flexible connection tube

Flexible connection tube

Price excl. tax: 50.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 60.00 лв.


KliVenTo provides warranty and post-warranty service of all supplied equipment and provision of spare parts for a period of  10 years.

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