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Electrical boiler 18 kW, wall-hung

Power : 18 kW

High efficiency: 99,5 %

To produce hot water for heating and (DHW through boiler).

Mode summer / winter for hot water production.

LCD display.

Price excl. tax: 1,120.00 лв.
Price inc. tax: 1,344.00 лв.


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Electric boilers with high efficiency - 99.5 % for central heating and domestic hot water (using the water heater). Excellent alternative to other energy sources in heating.

The Italian boilers are characterized by sleek design and compact size - 740/440/ 340 mm.

Large LCD Display on the control panel. 

Equipped with:

  •      clock
  •      3-speed circulation pump
  •      expansion tank 10 liters
  •      self-diagnosis system

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