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Mobile waste oil heater Т70

Provide cheaper heating: You can have a 75 kW power, from burning of 4 l/h wasted oils. At value of the waste oil 0.8 BGN/kg, 1 kW output power worth less than 0,05 BGN.

75 kW heating capacity is sufficient to heat a warehouse with a capacity of up to 1500 m3, depending on the isolation.

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Features :

One of the many unique features of the T 70 is a getting of clean heat from cheap fuel. Thanks to its mobile construction they can be placed simply anywhere it is needed.
The efficiency reaches 91%, by installing additional recuperator.
T 70 waste oil  heater is a rugged and reliable.


Industrial : industrial buildings, warehouses, logistics centers.

Automotive : automobile repair shops, centers and oil change garages.

Agriculture: agricultural buildings.


Used fuels :

The heater works with most types of:

waste oils:  engine's, transmission's, hydraulic's

heating oil


Technical data:

Maximum heat power: 75 kW

Flue diameter: 440 mm

Dimensions length/width/hight: 155/72/131 cm

Weight: 125 kg

Average fuel consumption: 4 l/h



It is recommended to order Recuperator heat exchanger. To order, please see the category Waste oil heaters - Accessories.

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